Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Premium Beautiful Elegance - Rynn Eshak

Salam all. 

Let's take a close up look at our new Premium Beautiful Elegance Corset.

It comes with embroidery lace and softer material. 

Before you can purchase a set of premium beautiful elegance, we need to measure your body first. Then only we can determine what size is suitable for your body. 

With premium beautiful elegance, you don't have to DIEt, take any pills or even avoid your favorite foods. 

All you need to do is just wear it every day as your lingerie and you will see the difference immediately.

We encourage our clients to wear full set of premium beautiful elegance, so that your fats can be distribute/burn evenly. 

Join our GLAM Beauty Day at Vivatel Hotel on 7th December 2013 and grab the chance to win lots of prizes. 

Psst: don't miss the chance to witness Rizman Ruzaini fashion show at our Beauty Day..!!

Rynn Eshak

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

We do need extra income for better future.


Saw this at investopedia.com.

Thought of sharing it with my readers.

"Increase your disposable income"

Although it is not the only factor in deciding how wealthy an individual is, disposable income does have a significant influence. If you have little or no money after taxes and expenses, then it is hard to save and invest for the future. In this article, we'll look at four ways you can increase your disposable income.

1. Get a Raise - or a Second Job
There is no shortage of books and articles that give advice about getting more money out of your employer. They provide counsel on everything from dressing well to taking a pay cut in exchange for performance bonuses. One of the most highly touted techniques is to go for further training or education. This can cost you money now, but it will hopefully translate into higher wages and a more secure position in the company. (To read more, see Invest In Yourself With A College Education.)

Regardless of how you go about it, getting a raise is the most obvious way to increase your income. Along the same lines is the possibility of having another job on the side. Working two jobs in tandem can be physically and mentally draining, but it will bring more money in when you need it.

The problem with increasing your income through your job is that you expose yourself to increased income taxes. The tax loss resulting from entering a higher income bracket is not prohibitive, but it is discouraging. You are working harder and often longer hours, but the returns on your effort are diminishing as your income tax rate increases. Basically, you have to work harder just to add a little more to your pocket. This is compounded by the fact that most people never see the extra wages because their lifestyles adjust to absorb it. For example, you may notice that your taxes have increased so, in order to minimize your tax bill, you decide to move into a bigger house to get more of a homeowner's deduction on the mortgage. Although you can technically afford it, the larger mortgage payment leaves you with the same disposable income as before.

2. Start a Business
Starting a business, even a small one, is a legitimate way to bolster your income. Much like a raise or second job, running a business will put more demands on your time and require more effort. The difference is that you will see more of the income from your labor because taxation for business owners is a small pinch when compared to the slap that the IRS gives to employees. Some of your business write-offs can even be claimed against other income sources, but you have to follow the rules carefully. (To find out more about this subject, see Tax Credit For Plan Expenses Incurred By Small BusinessesPlans The Small-Business Owner Can Establish and Capital Gains Tax Cuts For Middle Income Investors.)

The major drawback of starting a business is that there is no guarantee of success or income like there is with a raise or a second job. Starting a business takes a certain type of person, one with the motivation and the ability to handle the details involved in implementing an idea. The time, effort and nerves that it takes to run a business (that has no certainty of success) means that very few people will take this route.

3. Investing Income
Investing income is considered a form of passive income. This is a misnomer because it does take active effort to create income from investing - you have to research investments, build and maintain your portfolio, etc. - but it is generally considered to take less effort than, let's say, shoveling concrete day in and day out. Investing income can come from stocks, bonds, real estate, or many other forms. The common theme is that they ideally produce a return on the money you put into them. (To find out more, seeInvesting With A Purpose and A Guide To Portfolio Construction.)

Creating income through investing is a process of accumulation. Even if you consistently get a return on investments (ROI) of 20%, if you only have $1,000 in the investment, you will add a little less than $200 to your yearly income after any fees and taxes have been paid (and there is no guarantee of consistent returns of even 10%). Searching for stocks with a history of dividends, sometimes called income stocks, can help create some income now, but it will still not be as rapid in results as a second job. As you put more money in, however, more money comes out in the form of returns. Investing is a great way to increase your disposable income in the long run, but it won't do wonders for your immediate situation unless you have a huge chunk of capital just sitting around. Investing takes patience, time and discipline (it is also subject to taxation). That said, it is one of the surest ways to gradually add to your disposable income without exerting yourself too much.

4. Spend Less
The best way to increase your disposable income is to protect the money you earn by spending less. Tightening your budget will take some effort in the form of sacrificing a few luxuries, but the increase to your disposable income will not require longer hours or incur any extra tax. The more after-tax dollars you hold onto, the easier it is to do things like investing to secure more income in the future. 

You don't have to scour the classifieds or create a business model or subscribe to a bunch of financial magazines, you just have to spend less than you are currently making. Earning more may help you, but spending less is the only iron-clad solution to the problem of living paycheck to paycheck and never having enough. (Keep reading about this subject in The Indiana Jones Guide To Getting Ahead,Downsize Your Home To Downsize Expenses and Enjoy Life Now And Still Save For Later.)

The Bottom Line
Of all the ways to increase your disposable income, the simplest one is by far the best. Spending less and saving more can be used in conjunction with any of the other strategies as well as being the only one that isn't going to affect your taxes or require more of your time. In the words of Benjamin Franklin, "If you know how to spend less than you get, then you have the philosopher's stone." 

To read more, see Three Simple Steps To Building Wealth,Starting Early With Financial Planning and Understanding The Time Value Of Money

Article from : investopedia.com

BioVelocity Sleep Mate by Rynn Eshak

Salam all

Last Sunday, we had Bio Velocity Sleepmate in Wisma MCA. Ianya adalah hari yg khusus utk mereka yang in gin tahu lebih lanjut dengan product bio velocity & juga "real" testimoni telah di bawa utk berikan atau share experience mereka setelah menggunakan bio velocity.

Bio velocity ni adalah pelapik tilam yg di reka utk memenuhi keperluan tidur Dan memulihkan kesihatan. 

Ianya mengandungi Bio Activated Energy yg membantu utk mencapai keseimbangan badan. Ianya juga me galakkan penjanaan sel dan tisu baru yg dpt mengekalkan tenaga tambahan kepada badan.


Ianya bersaiz queen & sangat bermanafaat bagi mereka yg mempunyai masalah gangguan tidur, kekejangan Urat, sakit belakang dll.

Rasanya kalau kita ada ibubapa, saudara mara atau sesiapa sahaja yang mempunyai masalah kesihatan, ini adalah salah satu iktiar yang bole kita buat. In sha Allah ianya membantu.

Harga sangat berpatutan :)


Video ini adalah testimonial pengguna-pengguna Biovelocity.


Utk mamkluman lanjut tentang harga dan Pengunaan, pls contact me directly.

Rynn Eshak 

Korea Free TRIP Day 3 -Rynn Eshak

Hello all, 

Ok last entry was day 1 and 2 kan. 
Today nak cerita day 3 and 4 pulak.

So day 3 theme was yelloooowwww!

After breakfast we went to breakfast then straight to kilang herba di sini.

Us outside of the factory.

Then we had lunch on Han River Cruise.

With my business partner and mentor Maisarah Ibrahim

Then , kami ke Hanok Village yang terletak di bandar Seoul. 

Rynn tak naik sebab temankan rakan kongsi yang tak sihat utk naik. 

 At Hanok Village.

Kemudian , kami stop sekejap di Star Avenue untuk peminat-peminat Kpop. Haha

Lepas dah tangkap gambar ngan Kpop 'Celebrity', terus kami ke  Myeong-dong Market...Its  more like a Petaling Street at night cuma barang-barang yang di jual banyak kosmetik dan clothes.

Penat tapi nak shopping lagi!

Balik hotel kami berehat. Tapi still some of us yang pergi ke market tuh balik sebab tak puas nak shopping. 

Last day- Pink !

Dah breakfast macam biasa, kami ke .....

Tengok istana dorang.. sangat la besar sampai tak larat nak berjalan. 

That was the last place we went sebelum kami ke airport utk pulang ke Malaysia

Sebelum pulang, beli Kimchi banyak-banyak utk family.

Back to reality :((

The trip was super fun and memorable. 

Im happy because this time pergi ngan ramai rakan kongsi. 

Congrats for them.

Next is Gold Coast. And it is still for FREE!

Who wants to go with us?

Contact me.

Rynn Eshak.

Alhamdulillah. All praise to Allah SWT.

Assalammualaikum and good day to All,
It's been a while since i update my blog here and im sure most of you surely miss me. (hehe...perasan :p).
So today, i want to share with all of you just how truly grateful and thankful i am to Allah SWT for all the blessings, challenges, families, friends, happiness, health, wealth, the good, the bad and everything else that falls into my life since i was born and until now. No words can describe how much gratitude I have to Allah. I give all the praise in the world to Allah. So lets be thankful and make the best of our future. Remember, happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate the blessings they already have.
 So lets say Alhamdulillah for every moment in our life.

A Reminder, Don’t let a day pass without:
1. Thanking and remembering ALLAH
2. Asking for forgiveness and rectifying bad deeds
3. Fulfilling your solat on time
4. Doing any type of charity; even a smile
5. Reading & understanding ayat from the Qur’an
6. Practicing Islam and making dua for your families, friends and Ummah
7. Remembering death, fearing hellfire and striving for Jannah

 Insha Allah, Allah will grant and accept all our prayers and practices.

 Rynn Eshak

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Premium Beautiful Elegance by Rynn Eshak

Great news for everyone..!!!

Presenting you our new Premium Beautiful Elegance. It's more elegant, pretty and sexy. 

This new corset was launched on 9th November 2013 at our company's 21st anniversary..!! 

The fabric is softer and it comes with beautiful embroidery laces. 

It comes with health benefits too..!! It helps you to reduce your stretch marks/cellulite, your back pain, irregular period problems, slipped disc, migrain etc.

It is designed to fulfill your comfort and to enhance your body figure.

Easy maintain, easy to wear, no pills, no surgery and no medication needed.

Just wear it everyday...! 

Love your body and health. Its worth it!

Get your dream figure and stay healthy with Premium Beautiful Elegance. 

For more info, please contact me.

Rynn Eshak

Monday, September 30, 2013


Alhamdulillah. Praise to Allah for the superb holiday recently. 


Just got back from Korea Trip and it was a lot of fun....
Kali ini, Rynn sangat happy and bangga sebab ramai group members dapat qualify. Congrats to those who worked hard and lets continue to strive to greatness.

Well, enough said...Enjoy the pictures below.

Day 1-KLIA

My team in KLIA.

My business partners from Labuan. 

 Muka pucat. Saya demam.Huhu

Once we reached Korea terus pergi shooping dekat Namdaemun Market. My busines partners were so excited. first day dah borong sakan.


Habis shopping, terus balik hotel untuk check in then ada Gala Dinner at the hotel.

We stayed at Best Western Kukdo Hotel. 

Lepas dah rehat , kami terus ke Gala Dinner untuk Excellent Achiever yg dapat ke Korea ni  .. Kami lah orang-orang nya. Hehe.

The theme was black and red.


Makanan sedap dan jangan risau semua halal. 

Business partner Rynn dapat lucky draw. Necklace worth USD 1k.
Lucky you Mazuin..!!!

All of us from Dynamic Leaders Group.

Day 2

New day, everyone was so excited nak pergi shopping and explore Korea.

2nd day kena pakai biru.
Supaya senang nak nampak kalau hilang.haha.

After breakfast in Itaewon (muslim area) we went straight to Paju Premium Outlet. 
Not bad. Tapi lagi best shopping kat London. Haha.

Lepas dah penat shopping di outlet, kami di bawa ke kilang batu amethyst. Sangat cantik ok!

Took a picture with my crazy business partners.

Then dah penat menghabiskan duit. Kami pergi ke Lotte World. Ala-ala Disneyland gitu tapi ni Korean Version. 

Best sangat kat Lotte World. Semua dah macam kanak-kanak pulak. We had so much fun. Nak datang lagi ke sini. Thats for sure!


Okay.Thats all for today. Nanti sambung lagi untuk hari seterusnya. 

Till then.
Rynn Eshak.


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